Split messages from single SQS queue into Multiple SQS queues using EventBridge

In this post I discuss how messages in a SQS queue can be split between multiple SQS queues with their original payloads. The idea is to achieve this functionality with a low code solution using EventBridge Pipe, Event Bus and Event Rules. EventBridge Pipe EventBridge Pipe was introduced in the last re:Invent 2022. EB Pipes helps to create point to point integration with event producers and consumers with low code.

SNS Message Filtering

In Simple Notification Service (SNS) filtering messages based on the attributes in the message is one of the great features offered by SNS. Message filtering within SNS has many advantages. One key benefit is that you don’t have to set up a separate filtering process or service which will be resource intensive. You can save significant compute resources (hence money) with filtering within SNS, which otherwise should do using ec2 or Lambda.