Manage webhooks at scale with AWS Serverless

Webhooks are still a preferred choice of many organizations to communicate with 3rd party services. Since webhook calls are event-driven, building a webhook management system with Serverless is a great choice. In this post, I am going to discuss how to build such a webhook management system with AWS Serverless. In an Application Tracking Systems (ATS), whenever a candidate related event occurs (ex: candidate created, applied for a job, candidate state changed, etc), it might need to call to a registered webhook.

How to create a simple OTP service with AWS Serverless services

Intro This post describes how to implement a simple One Time Password (OTP) system with AWS Serverless services which can be used as a part of two step verification. Below tools and technologies used to build this application. AWS Lambda API Gateway DynamoDB Simple Email Service - SES Amplify Web Hosting VueJS for frontend Deploy with AWS SAM Architecture Image: Architecture How it works In this scenario, I used a login form, which is developed with VueJS and hosted using Amplify static web hosting.

How I created a Photo Booth with AWS Serverless

Intro This is how I built a photo booth application with AWS Serverless services. Once user capture an image and provide an email, background of the image is removed and new background applied and watermark with timestamp will be added. Then the image will be emailed to the given email address. Below tools and technologies are used to built this. Backend: AWS Lambda with runtime Node.js Step Function S3 SES remove.

How I created a simple activity logger with AWS Serverless to record nuisance activities of my neighbor

NOTE: This post is originally published at Intro This is how I created a simple activity logger with AWS API Gateway direct integrations with DynamoDB to record some nuisance activities of one of the neighbors. There are few activities he does which annoy us, such as door slam, punch to the wall, and walking with klomps which make a heavy sound. He is not corporating, so before going for further actions, I wanted to keep track of when he does those activities.

How I created a 'physical' alarm to warn me when my servers are down

NOTE: This post is originally published at This post contains a weekend project I worked on to create an alarm when my AWS EC2 servers are down. Tools and technologies used: AWS Lambda, EventBridge, Greengrass, Raspberry Pi, Active Buzzer and LED light (as the alarm), GPIO, etc. Architecture: How it works: When an EC2 is stopped or terminated, EventBridge will capture the event. EventBrige will trigger the Lambda function (PublishToIotCloud) which publish a message to IOT cloud with the topic ‘alarm’.

Getting started with AWS Greengrass and Raspberry Pi

NOTE: This post is originally published at This post walks through the steps required to set up AWS Greengrass on your Raspbarry pi. Install OS for Raspberry Pi on SD card Goto, download and install the Raspberry Pi Imager software to your local machine which will guide the installation. Once installed, open the Raspberry Pi Imager software and select the relevant OS (Raspberry Pi OS 32bit is recommended), SD Card and it will create the OS image in the SD card provided.

How I created a door bell with AWS Serverless

NOTE: This post is originally published at Intro Recently, there was a hackathon at my work place, Wonderkind, and with one of my colleagues, I created a intelligent door bell with AWS Serverless services + a raspberry pi. Whenever someone clicks on the button of the ‘door bell’, it will capture a image and check through a Amazon Rekognition faces collection to see if the faces on the image are already indexed.

My First Contribution to Serverless Application Repository

Recently, I have created a simple API to retrieve AWS services by it’s regions. And I decide to make it a Serverless Application and now it is generally available to be used by anyone. AWS SAR : Github: How it works Once you deploy the application using SAM locally or using SAR, there is a API gateway url in the output section. You can directly access the url, which will output JSON response which is in similar structure as below:

SNS Message Filtering

In Simple Notification Service (SNS) filtering messages based on the attributes in the message is one of the great features offered by SNS. Message filtering within SNS has many advantages. One key benefit is that you don’t have to set up a separate filtering process or service which will be resource intensive. You can save significant compute resources (hence money) with filtering within SNS, which otherwise should do using ec2 or Lambda.

IAM Tag Based Permissions

Without a doubt, security is one of the key aspect to focus in AWS. It is not only authentication is critical, but authorization is a must to consider specially in the production systems where lot of parties (users, resources, services) should be given only the specific permissions in the AWS environment. AWS IAM policies provides great amount of facilities in order to set up granular level of permissions. Tag based permissions are one of the cool feature supported by IAM.